HaasOnline Review: Is HaasBot a legit crypto trading platform?

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What can automation do to improve crypto trading? Can bots really make a difference in your profitability margins? While a good bot is worth its code, a bad one can cause financial disaster for your company. How does HaasOnline do on this scale? Today we’ll find out.

Most novice traders view trading bots as miracle workers. You can simply enter a few lines of code and tweak some settings. Then, you will have an endless source of guaranteed income. This is, of course, wrong.

Trading bots are actually a tool whose main purpose is to automate and streamline your trading logic. The human trader is imperfect. They need to be able to take their minds off the exchanges.

Bots, however, are free from such limitations and can be connected to the internet and take actions almost immediately. Your 24/7 presence and lightning-fast decision making are the results of successfully “teaching” a trading bot. This is a phenomenon that has revolutionized cryptocurrency trading.

You can borrow, rent, or purchase the logic of other traders, which comes pre-built with a bot. You can also create your own scripts if you have the necessary expertise.

HaasOnline supports all of these strategies and claims to be able to provide the logistics necessary for crypto trading at any level of coding and trading experience.

This review will examine whether HaasOnline really is a legitimate trading bot.

What is the HaasOnline Bot?

The bot, officially known as the HaasOnline trading server (HTS), automates cryptocurrency trades for its users. It was founded in 2014 and has been a very popular solution for crypto speculation.

A desktop application is required to access the service. The official website offers the ability to download the application for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The application is installed and runs on your computer as a program.

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HaasOnline’s solutions allow traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency online without having to be present. Preset functions allow the trading bot to analyze trends and make appropriate decisions.

The software can execute orders automatically but still maintains a market analysis.

This allows traders to make more reliable and faster deals without having to concentrate on one market. They can set their bots to certain markets so they can acquire and sell cryptocurrency even when they’re not at their desks.

HaasOnline serves more than just automating buying and selling orders on the crypto-market. It also allows traders to use higher functions and speculate options through its software.

How HaasBot Works


  • HaasOnline Trade Server License
    First, purchase the HaasOnline Trade Server License and then create an account with the HaasOnline Website using the same email.
  • Download the Software
    Next, download the HaasOnline tradeserver based on your operating systems.
  • Create Bots
    You will now need to connect crypto exchanges to create trading robots.

HaasOnline: The Pros and Con’s


Pros Cons
There are endless strategies Not for beginners
High performance Technical barrier high
Security and privacy are important Premium pricing


Pricing at HaasOnline

For Beginners

Starter costs.12 BTC per year. This is a great way to jump into Haasbots and other safety features, as well as indicators.

We found that this restriction restricts access to certain Haasbots, such as the Flash Crash Bot or Zone recovery bot.

These bots are only for experts. This is to prevent beginners from being tempted to play with fire.


The simplest (and the highest) level of Bitcoin is 0.2 BTC per year. This is enough for most traders.

There are tools, bots and indicators that are of the highest quality and comparable to those offered by other companies.

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This plan’s quarterly cost is 0.07 BTC, which is quite affordable when compared to the rest.


Advanced level is available at 0.32 BTC. Here you can unlock the Haasonline software suite and your full Haasbot licence.

Only the most skilled traders can profit from advanced trading techniques.


What features is Haasonline offering?


What makes HaasBot so special?

The service, according to the company’s own statements on its website, offers the following:

It takes just minutes to create, test, and deploy automated trading strategies across cryptocurrency exchanges.

Trading bots are constantly evolving. New versions of the trading bots are released often to maintain the highest technological standard. The Haas Bot has received Script 2.0 as a recent update.

HaasOnline aims to make trading as simple as possible. What other benefits does crypto trading software provide?

Haas Bot’s Advantages

Let’s take a look at a few of the “benefits”.

Backtesting (Historical & Real-Time).

This is a very useful feature. This is a feature that every trading bot should have. This option allows you to test your bot settings both in real-time and in the past. If you have selected these settings, you can check how your bot performs or would perform.

Indicators, Insurances, and Safeties

HaasOnline offers more than just the standard trading indicators. They also offer hedges that allow you to trade coins more securely. This is exactly what you need! Even beginners make mistakes when setting up Trading Bots. These hedges can be very useful.

Haas Bot also supports more than 20 exchanges and has 12 settings to “insure”, 30 trading hedges (such as stop loss), etc. 50 trading indicators, and 12 settings for “insurance”.

Drag & Drop Visual editor – A gem that makes trading easy

The Visual Editor allows you to create your bot by simply Drag & Drop. This is a great selling point. Many Bitcoin Trading Bots use software only for technical people. This visual editor solves the problem and makes trading accessible for all.

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Haas bot Supported exchanges

Automated trading’s quality is dependent on its flexibility. Its value proposition is heavily affected by the number of crypto exchanges that are supported.

HaasOnline is fortunate that the bot covers this aspect very well. It offers and supports cryptocurrency futures markets almost exclusively.

It supports 21 crypto exchanges. This includes prominent names in digital assets. This list includes a handful of the supported exchanges:

  • Coinbase Pro
  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • BitMEX
  • Bitstamp
  • Bittrex
  • Deribit
  • Gemini
  • HitBTC
  • Huobi
  • Kraken Futures
  • KuCoin
  • OKCoin
  • OKEX

HaasOnline Alternatives

  • 3commas is an online platform that allows people to trade cryptocurrencies with automated bots. This platform is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of experience trading stocks or financial technology.
  • Bitsgap is a crypto trading platform that provides all the services you need. It allows users to connect all of their crypto-exchange accounts and trade using an integrated interface.
  • Quadency is a cryptocurrency trading platform that was launched in 2018. You will find a better way to trade and manage crypto.


HaasOnline review: Conclusion

HaasOnline is a pioneer in trading technology and its traces can be found all over crypto fintech. The powerful trading bots, scripting language and analysis tools of HaasOnline allow traders to maximize their profits while increasing efficiency.

HaasOnline’s learning curve and price may seem steep to those who are just starting out in trading. However, if you’re an experienced trader and have a good knowledge of tools like Ninjatrader or Metatrader you’ll feel right at home.

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