The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Procuring Ethereum in 2022

Buy Ethereum

Do you require some assistance purchasing Ethereum? Here is where you will get to know everything you need to get started. Procuring Ethereum has never been easier, and the potential gains as returns on investment from cryptocurrencies have never been this high.

After a highly profitable 2021 for cryptocurrency investors, prices are not expected to come down anytime soon. The rate of Ethereum, the second-best cryptocurrency only to Bitcoin, is expected to soar as it merges its execution layer (Proof of Work) with its consensus layer (Proof of Stake) in the third quarter or fourth quarter of 2022.

If you are new to cryptocurrency trading and want to learn how to get some Ethereum, you should read this article from start to finish. In this article, the various exchange platforms you can purchase Ethereum from instantly, and several important fundamental facets of Ethereum will be illustrated. You will find out how to navigate buying Ethereum now, how to purchase them online, which one fits your investment plans best, and several other related subjects.

Here is how to get started buying Ethereum;

Binance: the most recommended exchange for day traders to trade Ethereum

Binance has created quite a reputation for itself since its inception. Established by Changpeng Zhao (known as CZ) in 2017, Binance has grown to be a leader in the cryptocurrency space. It is the largest exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies if trading volume is the only yardstick measured.

The primary purpose of the exchange is trading; you can engage in short-term trades, including purchasing and selling various cryptocurrency pairs. You can trade in more sophisticated financial products like futures and options if you are a seasoned trader. Over time, it has expanded into a conventional brokerage, where you can procure Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies using your credit card, online bank account, and debit card.

Top Recommended Platforms







78% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.







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CFDs are complex instruments and involve a high risk of losing money quickly because of the leverage effect. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Firstly, you need to create a free account (on the Binance app or website) and verify your identity (using a legal means of identification like a driver’s License or National ID card). Click on the “Buy Crypto” link at the top-left of the Binance website, and available options for your country will show. Deposit your funds, and your wallet will receive credit for the equivalent value in Ethereum. You will see a selection to either hold your funds on Binance or withdraw them wherever you want.

When comparing transaction fees, Binance charges one of the lowest in the crypto marketplace. Purchasing cryptocurrency using a debit or credit card attracts about 4.50% fees. Wire transfers incur no fee on transactions but are available to selected countries. Deposits of cryptocurrency assets like Ethereum attracts no fees. On the other hand, it charges 0.10% for trading and 0.50% for instant Buy of Sell on its platform.

Binance provides a robust procedure for the security of investments. Users are offered Secure Assets Fund (SAFU), which protects their cryptocurrency investments. It serves as a reserve fund in case the platform is under attack by hackers in the future.

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  • There is a large pool of cryptocurrency pairs to choose from
  • Binance offers numerous services to its users, services such as brokerage services
  • Low fees for instant and non-instant trade orders
  • Availability of sophisticated charting software as well as many technical indicators
  • Its security measures to protect user’s funds rank as one of the best


  • Customer service response time is unpredictable at times
  • The exchange is not available to U.S residents (Binance U.S offers fewer digital currency to trade) like the global Binance platform
  • Its corporate structure is not transparent and is not listed on any stock exchange in the world
  • Deposits made with debit and credit cards attract fees up to 5%

Coinbase: Best Trading Exchange for Newcomers looking to buy Ethereum

With its easy-to-use interface and accessible facilities, Coinbase rank as one of the best cryptocurrency exchange for both new and experienced traders. It offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies numbering over 1506 assets from which you can purchase, like Ethereum.

Coinbase has an Authorized Payment License, which subjects it to regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). On this basis, you have every reason to feel safe using the platform as your go-to Ethereum broker. It possesses similarities to eToro because you can purchase cryptocurrencies within minutes of setting up an account, even without professional knowledge.

If you are looking to invest little funds, there are required minimums depending on your payment option. You can use a bank transfer and a debit card to make transactions.

Regardless of its massive utility, Coinbase has its own shortcomings, like every other exchange. Users who want to buy or trade Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies immediately are exposed to high fees. It charges up to 3.99% on commissions for debit card payments, whereas several trading platforms charge lower. Additionally, it charges 1.49% as a commission for any trading activity.

Security-wise, Coinbase has institutional-based methods, and 98% of its company funds are in cold storage or wallets. Third parties or hackers cannot access these funds because they are not connected to online-based wallets, thereby limiting any manipulation. Finally, you can withdraw your Ethereum to a personal wallet using Coinbase.


  • It offers many cryptocurrency pairs for trade
  • Users can earn free crypto and rewards
  • Provision of cryptocurrency educational contents
  • Price reductions eligibility for users who advance to Coinbase Pro
  • Coinbase Debit card is available to users
  • Topnotch security for users
  • Advanced software for charting and technical indicators


  • Certain transactions attract high fees
  • Interest and staking opportunities are limited on the platform
  • Its fee structure is quite complex

eToro: the finest cryptocurrency platform

If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange services, eToro is an excellent option to trade Ethereum. To start using eToro to trade Ethereum, you should create an account first. Here is how to get started creating an account:

  • Search for eToro’s website on your browser and click on the “Join Now” key to create your account
  • Upload a legal means of identification in your country like a driver’s license or passport
  • Make fiat deposits into your account to get started. Transfer into your trading account using a debit or credit card or using an e-wallet.
  • At this point, locate Ethereum on the website and click on the “Trade” key to process your order.

A choice of eToro as your trade broker is significant because you will work with a credible exchange subject to regulations. eToro has licenses from three vital regulatory bodies in the world; the ASIC, FCA, and CySEC. Its credibility is influential in attracting over 13 million traders to its platform.

Trading fees on eToro attract a simple charge for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This fee appears in the price shown when you open and closes a position. Although eToro brokers trades of stocks and ETFs, CFDs, and other securities, it allows the trading of 15 cryptocurrencies.

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Using eToro does not require prior knowledge of investing in cryptocurrency, ETFs, stocks, or CFDs. It is much more user-friendly for newbies than other exchanges. To invest in eToro, you can start trading by sending a minimum of $50 to kickstart your journey. What is more exciting about the platform is it allows copy trading, a perfect way for newbies to copy professional traders and earn while learning the ropes. Also, traders have access to eToro’s CopyPortfolios.


  • It provides the opportunity for its users to use CopyPortfolios as well as copy trading strategies of experts in the marketplace
  • The process of opening an account is easy compared to other exchangers
  • It is user-friendly in that navigation and placing of orders are straight-forward
  • Provision of a variety of cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, bonds, and indexes
  • It offers commission-free stock trading for users
  • It is licensed and regulated by the very top licensing bodies in the world


  • Difficulty contacting its customer support
  • It does not offer advanced charting software or technical analysis tools
  • Slow withdrawal of funds and the only currency users can hold cash is the USD
  • It charges fees as high as $5 on all withdrawals and also imposes charges on inactivity

Gemini: Best Trading Exchange for its Availability of Educational Contents

Gemini provides a cryptocurrency hot wallet that puts the security of its users first. It has insurance against security hacks, transfer fraud, and employee theft.

It provides users access to 80 cryptocurrencies across as many as eight separate blockchains. The stringent security measures on the platform make it a choice destination for new investors looking to invest big in digital currencies.

The exchange stands out amongst others in providing quality instructional materials accessible to users. Those looking to learn on the go while they trade can get knowledge using the platform.


  • Insurance against the specific unauthorized withdrawal of funds
  • It is accessible to users both online and on mobile application
  • No fees on deposits and withdrawals for 10 or fewer transactions in a calendar month


  • The difficulty of moving funds from Gemini wallet to other wallets outside the platform
  • Users’ identity is not anonymous, contravening the decentralized idea of using cryptocurrency. To sign up on the exchange, users are to provide their names, dates of birth, and social security numbers.
  • Live support is non-existent as users have to make do with self-service and E-mails
  • Tendency to charge high fees on transactions compared to other marketplaces An Excellent Choice for Trading CFDs

A trader has two options before them in a cryptocurrency market. Firstly, they can buy an actual cryptocurrency asset on an exchange, and hold it. Here, ownership could indicate they are in for the long-term: waiting for considerable profits before selling off. On the other hand, traders can choose to trade on speculations of the cryptocurrency price difference. In trading terms, it’s known as trading Contract For Difference (CFD). Among cryptocurrency exchanges, stands out as arguably the best for those seeking to trade CFDs without restrictions.

When trading cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, you should always consider the liquidity of the asset. Also, you don’t need to feel concerned about possessing a cryptocurrency wallet when trading CFDs because the exchange makes provisions for that.

If you seek to trade CFDs based on Ethereum, you need to look no further than to cater to your needs. Using the platform gives you the rare opportunity to take trades without paying commissions. Finally, its easy-to-use interface aids navigation, coupled with using a demo account to practice while you get used to the platform.


  • It charges 0% commission on trades
  • It has a low spread
  • The required minimum deposit is unusually low
  • New traders have access to a trial trading account
  • Traders have access to several financial assets from which to take trades
  • Live chat and E-mail support are superb, with real-time and in-depth answers provided
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  • The platform is not appropriate for experienced traders because sophisticated charting and technical indicators are not available
  • Trade available to users are only CFD options
  • Currencies for smaller accounts are unavailable
  • Charges on stock index CFDs are high

Using Crypto Trading Bots to trade Ethereum

If you are looking to trade Ethereum without actively involving yourself in the day-to-day buying and selling activities, then using trading bots is a perfect fit. In trading, trading bots (automated software) are engaged to assist traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The central purpose of using trading bots is to increase profits on trades while mitigating the risks of loss and reducing the cost of trading. Using these tools makes it possible to manage all your trading accounts from one source.

There are several apps out there that provide automated cryptocurrency trading services. For instance, Pionex, Cryptohopper, and Bitsgap are tested and trusted in offering crypto trading bots services.

Pionex: Best for New and Experienced Crypto Traders

Pionex ranks among the world’s first exchanges to offer trading bots (12 free bots). Automation of trades is available to users 24/7 without the need to constantly check the markets. Its liquidity is provided by Binance and Huobi global while maintaining its status as one of the biggest brokers on Binance. It offers three trading bots for users: Grid Trading Bot, Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot, and Rebalancing Bot.


  • Trading few is low (Both maker and taker responsible for paying 0.05%) in comparison to other top exchanges
  • 16 free trading bots are made available to investors
  • Pionex services are regulated and licensed by U.S FinCEN Money Services Business (MSB)
  • The Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot allows investors to make profits without any activity. It is estimated that it has a return of up to 15-50% annualized Percentage Return (APR)
  • Grid Trading Bot avails users the opportunity to buy assets low and sell high at a given price range
  • Leverage Grid Bot makes provision of up to 5x leverage for positions
  • Its smart trade terminal opens up access to traders to set up a stop loss, take profit and trailing orders on a single trade


  • Pionex allows users to buy and sell assets at a given price range
  • Users can make deposits or withdrawals from their bank accounts and also trade using the USD
  • The Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot feature provides a low risk and passive income for investors


  • It doesn’t support users with custom trading procedure

Bitsgap: Excellent Arbitrage Services Across Several Crypto Markets

If you are searching for easy management of your Ethereum trades, Bitsgap is one of the best in the game. Bitsgap offers an Ethereum Trading Not that allows users to conveniently and flexibly take favorable trades. It possesses DCA (entering the market at calculated intervals) strategies that reduce risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. Capital loss and price swings due to market volatility are maneuvered easily in favor of traders.

The trading Bot analyzes crypto pairs numbering over 10,000, pointing out trades with potential. Its services are on offer on crypto exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Kraken, Huobi, etc.


  • Provision of more than 100 technical indicators as well as 12 different chart types for researching crypto pairs
  • Access to the Bot is easy, without any need to download any app
  • Investor’s funds are kept safe on the exchange, ensuring the security of investments
  • The trading Bot allows you to maximize profits on trades
  • Available charts make it easy for trade to be on view
  • Bitsgap automated Bot works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing investors considerable returns on investment


  • Its trading view charts are well detailed, allowing users to access the Bot for performance
  • Bitsgap is available on more than 25 exchanges
  • Users find it easy to use the platform, with several functions available


  • There is no known mobile application

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