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Richard Branson Bitcoin: The facts and hype

Richard Branson Bitcoin

Richard Branson is an English business mogul, author, and investor. Founder and CEO of Virgin Group, a company with over 400 companies in many industries. Richard Branson has always been the subject of fake news stories on the internet, so linking him to crypto is nothing new. Several news articles on the internet claim that Richard Branson invested in Bitcoins, such as “Richard Branson Bitcoin 2021” and “Richard Branson Bitcoin algorithm.”

Some scammers use the name of famous British entrepreneur Richard Branson in fake articles appearing in local papers and on websites cloned from popular media outlets like The Mirror. It would be best not to fall for their tricks since Richard Branson and his team do not support such activities.

Some think the articles are true or part of the Bitcoin scam involving Richard Branson. Here, we answer your questions about the Richard Branson Bitcoin scam.

Viral Trends – Richard Branson

A big reason for the increase in Richard Branson Bitcoin associations in articles is the growing popularity of the crypto market. There are a lot of websites, blogs, and associations supporting Richard Branson Bitcoin investment rumors online.

Is Richard Branson’s Bitcoin a scam?

It’s a yes in a nutshell. Richard Branson Bitcoin articles, such as “Richard Branson Bitcoin the sun” or “Richard Branson Bitcoin Crypto Exchange,” are all part of a scam targeting the Richard Branson Bitcoin industry. Sensational writers use these headlines and key phrases to get clicks and draw traffic to their sites. It isn’t true that Richard Branson is related to various trading robots. However, these robots seem legit, and many traders have seen success.

Here is the full list of Richard Branson’s Bitcoin Associations

Bitcoin Era

A prominent cryptocurrency trading software, Bitcoin Era has gained fame. The popularity of this platform is due to its complex algorithm to monitor the crypto market. Traders can take appropriate action and take advantage of useful trade signals based on machine learning.

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Is Richard Branson in favor of the Bitcoin era?

Richard Branson has not supported investing in bitcoin despite his fame and fortune, as reported in articles like “Richard Branson Bitcoin BBC” and “Richard Branson Bitcoin Associations.” 

Trading with Bitcoin Era: Benefits

The Success Rate Is High

Our reviews from multiple online sites showed that the Bitcoin Era has a high success rate, which is very important because the crypto market is highly volatile. A high success rate means you can start small and grow over time.

Withdrawal and deposit processes are fast and easy.

Withdrawing funds quickly is a critical part of a crypto trading platform. Poor traders receive withdrawals late into their local bank account due to delays in withdrawal requests. You will nonetheless receive your money from Bitcoin Era within 24 hours.

Automated trading

You can constantly trade with Bitcoin Era’s automatic trading feature. This is especially paramount for traders who do not want to spend hours in front of a computer.

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Providing free services

The Bitcoin Era platform is free to use. In addition, there are no hidden fees.

Trading with Bitcoin Era

Follow these steps to create your Bitcoin Era account

  • Fill out a few details on the website to register.
  • You must deposit at least $250 to start trading.
  • Launch the trading platform and begin trading live.

Bitcoin Trader

Another robot linked to Branson is the Bitcoin trader. Both new and experienced traders have benefited from the platform.

Is Richard Branson an endorser of Bitcoin Trader?

“Richard Branson Bitcoin the Sun” and “Richard Branson Bitcoin Crypto Exchange” are just some of the many blog and website publications of the Richard Branson Bitcoin scam. Richard Branson has never invested in Bitcoins, and he has never endorsed trading Bitcoin on Bitcoin Trader.

Bitcoin Trader: Advantages 

Exceptional customer service

You should consider customer service when choosing Bitcoin trading platforms. Also, it is possible to run into difficulties with the platform. With Bitcoin Trader, you get superb customer service that lasts around the clock.

Quick withdrawal

With every withdrawal request, registered users can be sure to get a response within 24 hours. Reviews we saw online indicate traders have received their money within 24 hours of requesting it.

Reliable customer service

Bitcoin Trader offers 24/7 customer service so that you can reach them from any location at any time.

An easy-to-use platform

An easy-to-use interface makes Bitcoin traders a great choice for beginners. Even novice and expert traders can easily make use of the platform.

Trading Bitcoins with Bitcoin Trader

Follow the steps below to open an account with Bitcoin Trader and begin trading.

  • Sign up by submitting personal details and location on the Bitcoin Trader homepage. Additionally, you will need to verify your account using the link sent to your email address.
  • It is necessary to deposit on the platform before starting trading. There is a $250 deposit requirement. Your profit to us can be up to $1000 with this deposit. 
  • You can try out the demo option in your account as an alternative.
  • Investing in live trading will allow you to make profits.

Bitcoin Evolution

As one of the most well-known trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Evolution has grown quickly over the past decade. Among its features is an automated trading feature.

Is Richard Branson an advocate of Bitcoin Evolution?

Richard Branson is a famous English investor. Hence, if Richard Branson invested in Bitcoin or endorsed Bitcoin Evolution, there would be no publications like “Richard Branson Bitcoin Kate Garraway” or “Richard Branson Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Investment.” The news would be everywhere on legal and proper news sites like BBC News and CNN.

The benefits of trading with Bitcoin Evolution

The withdrawal of funds is rapid

It is well known that Bitcoin Evolution processes withdrawals within 48 hours of traders on the platform. Many traders have been attracted to the site by this feature.

Dedicated customer service

Bitcoin Evolution offers 24/7 customer service. A major advantage is that Bitcoin Evolution is available in more than 100 countries. So customer service needs to be available 24/7 so that anyone in any time zone can get help.

Automated trading

Bitcoin Evolution relies on an advanced algorithm and Artificial Intelligence to find potentially profitable trading opportunities. This enables it to make profitable trades even when users are not present. However, the robot can be configured to suit each trader’s needs.

Bitcoin Evolution: How to trade

Following these steps will allow you to register for an account at Bitcoin Evolution and start trading.

  • Sign up for Bitcoin Evolution by providing your name, email address, and phone number on the website.
  • Before you can trade, you must fund your account. 
  • A minimum deposit of $250 is required.
  • To try out Bitcoin Evolution, you can create a demo account.
  • You can now trade live.
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British Bitcoin Profit

Thanks to Crypto Profit’s robot feature, traders can trade even when they are busy. The robot identifies the best times to execute trades based on trends in the market and when not to execute trades. This platform boasts a 90% success rate.

Is Richard Branson a supporter of British Bitcoin Profit?

Lately, many bait-click publications are going viral on the internet, such as “Richard Branson Bitcoin prediction” and “Richard Branson Bitcoin good morning Great Britain. ” The rumors are not true, and he has not endorsed British Bitcoin profits.

British Bitcoin Profit: Advantages of Trading

Success Rates Are High

Based on our research, traders reported that British Bitcoin Profit is highly profitable online. According to them, the algorithm it uses to determine the best time to buy and sell is responsible for its success.

Deposits and withdrawals are fast.

Our research shows that British Bitcoin Profit users report quickly processing withdrawals. Upon requesting withdrawals, they received them within 24 hours.

Trading automated

Thanks to its automated trading feature, the British Bitcoin Profit offers its traders the opportunity to trade automatically without being present at their systems 24/77.

Providing free services

There are no fees or charges associated with trading on the platform

Trading with British Bitcoin Profit

You will need an account to trade on British Bitcoin profit. Below are the steps to get an account:

  • Register for a Bitcoin profit account on the homepage.
  • Start trading live by depositing your first investment capital.
  • With British Bitcoin Profit, you can use the demo account feature to know the platform, whether you’re an experienced trader or a beginner.
  • Start trading live.

Bitcoin Loophole

A popular crypto trading platform is Bitcoin Loophole. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), it scans trends in the crypto market. It also informs its users about clear market signals. This helps them determine if they should sell or buy.

Does Richard Branson support the Bitcoin Loophole?

Branson has not been a supporter of Bitcoin Loophole. Thus, next time you see a headline such as “Richard Branson Bitcoin Kate Garraway” or “Richard Branson Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Investment,” you know that it is just clickbait.

Bitcoin Loophole: Advantages 

Withdrawals are processed quickly.

Bitcoin Loophole ensures your withdrawals arrive in your local bank account on time. Within 24 hours, you will receive your withdrawals in your local bank account. It would be best to consider withdrawal times when choosing a trading platform.

The winning rate is high.

Aside from a complicated algorithm, Bitcoin Loophole uses artificial intelligence to scan and analyze the market. Detecting favorable market trends can make smart trades to earn profits. This is also the reason why Bitcoin Loophole has a high win rate.

Customer service you can count on

Customer service plays an important role in determining the quality of a company. 24-7, Bitcoin Loophole provides reliable and responsive customer service. Consequently, clients worldwide can obtain assistance from Bitcoin Loophole.

Trading with Bitcoin’s loophole

You must create an account with Bitcoin Loophole before you can begin trading. To get started, follow these steps.

  • Complete the registration form on the Bitcoin loophole website.
  • Learn how the platform works by using the demo feature.
  • You must deposit at least $250.
  • You can now trade live.

Has Richard Branson ever invested in bitcoin?

There has been no investment by Richard Branson in Bitcoins. Those articles are from sites using click-bait to attract people to their pages.

Richard Branson Bitcoin Investment

Richard Branson, who founded the Virgin Group, a conglomerate of over 400 companies, has discussed bitcoin openly. Branson even hosted a crypto-related event on his private island. Even though Richard Branson has spoken extensively, he has never mentioned he owns or invests in bitcoin. It is unknown whether Richard Branson invested in bitcoin, even though he has agreed that cryptocurrency will revolutionize finance. Branson may have acquired and stored his bitcoins privately, but he has not disclosed his blockchain investments.

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Richard Branson Bitcoin Interview

He has spoken about other cryptocurrencies and bitcoin as a method of payment. Several news channels have interviewed Richard Branson on the topic of bitcoin. In interviews, Richard Branson mentioned bitcoins as a currency and purchased trips to the moon.

Richard Branson’s views on bitcoin?

Richard Branson is interested in bitcoin and supports it as a currency. According to him, you can use bitcoin to pay for trips to the moon, and the volatility of bitcoin enables profits. 

Additionally, he says to beware of scam platforms using his name and connected to bitcoin. While he has spoken extensively about bitcoin, he has not stated whether he currently owns any.

Richard Branson’s New Bitcoin Investments

There has been no Bitcoin investment by Richard Branson. He appears to be just an icon that people swindle people through bitcoin scams. Consequently, the billionaire released a video encouraging people to avoid using his name in criminal activities. Moreover, he said, “I am not in favor of these fake bitcoin stories, especially since I have commented frequently about the potential benefits of genuine bitcoin developments.”

Richard Branson Bitcoin and the Media:

The Sun

As a billionaire celebrity, Richard Branson has been the focus of many articles in The Sun. Richard Branson has never mentioned bitcoin to The Sun or purchased bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies from the newspaper.


This news channel gives information on the latest news, sports, and weather. It began broadcasting in 1993. While GMTV has featured guests discussing various topics, there is no evidence that Richard Branson has discussed bitcoin on the show.

BBC – British Trade Platform

The BBC is one of many channels that commented on Richard Branson’s use of bitcoin scams. Even though cryptocurrencies and bitcoins are often discussed on BBC, Richard Branson has yet to be invited to discuss bitcoin on BBC.

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain has featured Richard Branson on many occasions. Nevertheless, he never endorsed or discussed investing in Bitcoin systems.

Kate Garraway

The English journalist and broadcaster Kate Garraway works in the media industry. Rumors indicate that Bransons and Kate discussed investing in bitcoin. Nevertheless, you should dismiss the rumors due to the lack of evidence supporting them.

British Bitcoin Profit – This Morning

ITV airs a popular British television show every Monday through Friday called This Morning. The topics discussed are technology, health, finance, sports, and entertainment. 

It has been reported that Richard Branson appeared on This Morning to discuss Bitcoin. A closer look, however, shows the opposite to be true.

A Summary of Richard Branson’s Bitcoins

We found no evidence that Richard Branson was interested in Bitcoin from our Richard Branson Bitcoin 2021 review. The article “Richard Branson Bitcoin algorithm,” which links Richard Branson to cryptocurrency trading sites, only misleads visitors by using bait clicks to entice them to visit the website. The article linking him to these bots is false, although he has been linked to legitimate crypto trading platforms.


What is Richard Branson’s net worth?

The net worth of Richard Branson is $4.8 billion. He gradually built his net worth by investing in almost every sector, from technology to real estate to telecommunications.

Has Richard Branson purchased Bitcoins?

He did not purchase Bitcoin. In many cases, these arguments are based on bait click articles such as “Richard Branson Bitcoin algorithm” or “Richard Branson Bitcoin today,” which intend to increase traffic to the websites through these accusations.

Richard Branson Bitcoin rumors: True or false?

The statements are false. It is spread only by publishers of articles such as “Richard Branson Bitcoin prediction” and “Richard Branson Bitcoin good morning Great Britain” to attract visitors to their websites.


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