World Cup 2022: How To Bet On The Tournament

The World Cup is well-known as a major soccer betting tournament. The World Cup is the largest single-event sporting event in the world and it takes place every four years. Teams from all continents are eligible to participate. The World Cup is the most coveted prize for international soccer associations.

The background of the World Cup

In 1872, England and Scotland hosted the first international soccer match. The British Home Championship was the first international tournament to be organized. It began in 1884. These tournaments predated the FIFA World Cup quite a bit.

FIFA was not created until 1904 and soccer was not an Olympic sport until 1908. FIFA called Olympic soccer “a world championship for amateurs”, and they managed the event. FIFA created a new tournament after the Olympic events proved so popular.

Jules Rimet, FIFA President, and the FIFA Congress in Amsterdam agreed that a new World Champion would be announced. Uruguay won the Olympic Games in Rio and they decided to name it the first host country for the new World Cup. In 1930, the first World Cup was held and Uruguay emerged victorious.

Types of betting on World Cup 2022

An area where an alert bettor could capitalize is when one of the favorites faces a minor country. Although picking the winner is easy, this clash will be expensive. However, those who look deeper will still find great value.

  • Goals: It is difficult to pick the correct score, but the market for Over/Under Goals is an excellent option. The World Cup is slightly more difficult to predict than the major domestic leagues. However, the standard difference should make it easier for punters to spot opportunities that could lead to large score margins.
  • Corners: The Corners Market is another avenue worth exploring. When there is a strong favorite for a particular clash it is always worth looking at the odds in corners market. The chances of more corners being available when one of the major teams is facing a weaker team at the FIFA World Cup are higher.
  • Top Scorer: Since chances of a player scoring the most goals in FIFA World Cup depends on whether their team goes deep in the competition, it is worth looking at the strikers for the teams that you are expecting to win.

Understanding which strikers are most likely for leading nations is essential. You also need to analyze their paths to the final or even the latter stages. With this information, it will be much easier to pick a Golden Boot winner and you’ll know who to support.

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In-game World Cup betting

Many soccer fans find that waiting for the match to start gives them an advantage when placing bets. This will enable you to see the play pattern and determine if a certain side is dominating before you decide which side to place your bets on the FIFA World Cup 2022.

In-game betting will be offered by every bookmaker on the World Cup. Many of the markets available are identical to those you would find prior to kick-off but at slightly different odds. You can find the 1 X2 market until one team is ahead, and markets like Next Team to Score or Over / under Goals, as well as markets such As Next Player to Score, Next Team to Score, Next Card to Score, and Over / Below Cards once the game has started.

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Spread betting

The spread in soccer is usually eliminated when you wager using it. The spread is usually calculated using incremental points by most sportsbooks. Spread betting on the World Cup will result in favorites laying just a fraction of the goal and the underdog getting the same amount.

The odds of winning the game are affected by the addition of that small percentage. They were the big favorite in Germany’s opening match against Japan. Japanese bettors will receive +750 for every wager. German bettors will need to lay -275. If you place $275 on Japan and they win, you will get $2,025 in addition to your $275 original wager.

100 dollars would be earned if you were to play the favorite again for the same $275. The numbers will look very different if you use the point spread.

Let’s take Germany as an example. They have laid 2 1/4 goals. This changes the odds of both sides and leveled the playing field for wagering on who will win. Germany must win by at least three goals and their odds of winning have increased to +105 Spread play gives you odds of -105, as long as Japan loses or wins by less than 2 goals.

Money Lines

Because soccer is a traditionally low-scoring game, there is always the possibility of a draw. You don’t have to pay a spread if you play your action on the moneyline. There will be many powerhouses that are favored early in the World Cup. Most soccer gamblers are not willing to take too high a risk on the teams that will win without having to lay points.

Vegas boards will post numbers that place the odds of the teams being successful in the lay money line round. These games are likely to be close. The aspect of a draw is an important element. Teams will play more cautiously when they are tied at the end of a match. It’s less stressful to watch the final of a money line soccer match when one team is ahead than when both are tied.

The USA won’t be the second choice for bettors when England and the USA meet later in November. To win $100 in England, you’ll need to place $145 (-145), and then the next choice will not be the Red, White and Blue. The game will finish in a tie (+270). They are +400 if you choose to bet on the good guys. A parlay-level payout on USA bets would be a great way to build your bankroll for World Cup betting.

How to start betting on the World Cup

There are some differences between betting on the World Cup and betting on domestic leagues like the Premier League and Major League Soccer.

The tournament’s 32 teams will be randomly divided into 4 teams each, similar to the UEFA Champions League. Each team will play the other three teams in the group one-on-one, unlike the Champions League. Each team will play the 3 other teams in the Champions League twice each.

However, the points system remains the same. A team that wins gets 3 points. It loses and gets 0. A draw earns each team 1 point. After each team has played all the other teams in their group, the two teams with the highest points will move on to the knockout stage. The draw is weighted so that there cannot be more than two European teams in the same team and no more then one team from each of the other confederations.

Tiebreakers are used when two or more teams have the same number and finish the group round with the exact same number of points. These are:

  • The greatest combined goal difference in all groups matches
  • The greatest combined total of goals in all group matches

If the tiebreakers have not worked, there will be more details.

  • The greatest number of points between these teams in a head-to-head match
  • The greatest goal difference between these teams in a head-to-head match
  • The greatest number of goals in a head-to-head match among these teams
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If there are still two teams tied after that, the random draw determines who advances.

Although we don’t know what will happen, the World Cup is dominated by the familiar suspects. When you look at the odds, you will see many of the same names listed as favorites. The world’s largest event is a good place for teams like France, Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

There are many options for soccer betting. There are many props and microbets that can be used to place bets on the outcome of a soccer game. You can either bet on which player or team will score first, or on the total goals scored.

The best World Cup betting sites

You’ll want to wager on the World Cup at the most trusted and safest sites. You don’t want your money or information to be placed on untrustworthy sites.

Safety is a major concern for new online gamblers. Is it possible to safely share your information without fear of it being stolen? Is it safe to enter your credit card number? There is an inherent risk to depositing money at any gambling site. Any bettor would be negligent not to consider safety first.

The majority of legitimate gambling websites are safe. There will be exceptions, but they are generally easy to avoid. You can easily determine if a site is safe by reading reviews left by other users.

You can bet on the biggest soccer tournament in the world, as all the top dogs do.

Rules for World Cup betting

There are several aspects to the game that can impact how successful or unsuccessful you will be at wagering. Extra time is a unique feature of soccer. Many sporting events that involve teams begin with a time limit and then play until the scoreboard hits 0:00. But soccer is different. Soccer matches have two 45-minute halves, and an additional time.

Officials will extend the match’s running time by adding extra time. Officials will place a number at the sidelines around the 45-minute mark and again in the second half at 90 minutes. This is the additional time that will be added for that part of the game. This number is based on injuries, flops and any other interruptions that may have occurred in that time period.

Another important point to remember when placing your best World Cup bets. Most soccer bets are graded once the extra time has expired. This is where three-way betting comes in. If the game remains tied after extra time, the contest will be deemed a draw.

World Cup betting tips

Keep an eye out for future bets

Futures betting can be lucrative, but there is a lot of risk involved in placing a wager on a team that is so far ahead of the game. One, these national teams rarely spend much time together. Although they will spend a lot of time training ahead of the competition it is impossible to predict how a team will perform in real-life game action.

Brazil is a strong bet, but it’s risky to bet on futures. We need only look back 4 years for an example of why Brazil seems like a solid team. Although the Brazilians were heavily favored to win the World Cup in Brazil, we all know what happened. In the semi-final, the Germans absolutely dominated the Brazilians.

Betting is more fun when you limit your actions to in-game props or game-by-game wagers.

Don’t go for broke from the get-go

While we mentioned the potential of betting on the group stages, don’t bet too much at the start of the tournament. Another rule of thumb is to manage your bankroll, which certainly applies to the World Cup. As the tournament progresses, more people will be willing to invest big money in their national teams to win.

The matchups get more exciting as the competition progresses, but the final stages of the tourney tend to attract more casual, inexperienced bettors. This is especially true if you have a famous-but-not-that-great team like England or Mexico still around. You should also try to be bigger in the final stages of the tournament than in the group round. This is especially true if a team like Germany has already advanced into the next round.

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Be wary of spread betting

Basketball and football are the most popular sports where you can bet on the spread. However, it is more difficult to bet on the spread in soccer. Sometimes, you might find a team that is favored by 0.5. This means that they only have to win at least one goal to be eligible for the spread betting. You can bet on the spread in these cases.

Any higher than 0.5 is considered risky. It is one thing to expect a team to win, but it is quite dangerous to expect a team to win by more than 2 goals, given how difficult it can be to score goals. Can France beat Saudi Arabia by at least 2 goals? Absolutely. However, it is dangerous to expect a team will score multiple goals. Therefore, finding another way to attack the game is important.

Take weather conditions into account

Although it’s easy to forget, weather conditions play an important role in how a game is played. A game that takes place in 70 degree sunshine is fine. If it’s 40 degrees outside and the game is in heavy rain, scoring can be quite difficult. Goalkeepers who are working with a potentially slippery ball have a wider margin of error.

Russia is hosting the World Cup, and we all know that the weather can be unpredictable. Even in summer, there is always the possibility of rain or cold. Before placing a wager on a match, make sure you check the weather forecast.

Do not ignore the underdogs

The World Cup is often won by household teams like Brazil or Germany, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some surprises along the way. While it is not recommended to place bets against such teams, there are valuable underdogs in the first rounds.

You need only look at 2014 when teams such as Spain, Portugal, Spain and Italy were defeated in the group stage. Although it is difficult to predict which team will fail, Mexico could be vulnerable in 2018. El Tri is stuck in Group F, along with Sweden, Germany, and South Korea. South Korea appears to be a clear loser in this group. However, Mexico faces Germany and Sweden with a difficult task.

Tournament Awards

These awards are presented at the end of a World Cup.

  • The Golden Ball: This award goes to the most outstanding player in the competition. FIFA creates a shortlist and media representatives vote for the winner. The Golden Glove award goes to the best goalkeeper.
  • The Golden Boot: The Golden Boot goes to the player with the most goals during the World Cup. In the event of a tie, the player who has the most assists wins. If there’s still a tie, the player who spent the most time pitching wins. The players who place second or third are awarded Silver and Bronze awards.
  • The FIFA Fair Play Trophy: This award goes to the team that has the best record in fair play during the World Cup. Every player and team official is awarded a fair-play medal. In addition, $50,000 in equipment is given to youth soccer development in the country.
  • The FIFA Technical Study Group decides who is the MVP of the Final Match Trophy.


What are the World Cup odds?

The odds of winning the World Cup are lowest for teams that have won it before. Brazil is the favourite at +475. France is the favorite at +475. England at +600, and Argentina at (+700) round out the lowest odds.

When is the FIFA World Cup?

2022 FIFA World Cup is the first tournament to not be held in May or June. Due to the adverse weather conditions in the host country, the edition will be held from late November through mid-December. The final will be held on 18th December 2022, which is also a Qatar national holiday.

Are you able to place a bet on the World Cup before its start?

As soon as the 2018 tournament ended, odds were available for the World Cup winner in Qatar. You can also bet on the Golden Boot winner, World Cup winner, and the winner of each group.

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