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TradeSanta Review: Pricing, Features and Supported exchanges

Day trading is a long-standing tradition on the tradable assets market.

This model doesn’t only apply to stocks and other tradable securities. This model is also applicable to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies offer traders many opportunities to make profits due to the fluctuating value of assets.

Day trading can be  great source of earning consistent income but it can also be time-consuming and has a high learning curve. This is why many people avoid trading, despite the many benefits it offers.

Trading bots solve this problem by taking the responsibility off of your shoulders. Automated bots were originally designed for traditional security markets like stocks. However, they are widely available for cryptocurrency nowadays.

TradeSanta, one of these tools, claims it makes day trading simpler. Continue reading to learn more about the crypto trading bot.

What is TradeSanta?

TradeSanta, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading bot, can be used to automate your strategy and make passive income. It is an excellent trading automation tool that can be used by both beginners and professionals.

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Automated trading software allows you to convert your manual trading strategy into an automated program that can run 24/7, trade coins for you. This bot, as well as any other bot, isn’t magic money machines. If your trading strategy and approach aren’t solid, you might lose money. As you would with manual trading.

TradeSanta Time in Business

TradeSanta was first introduced in 2018. It wasn’t until 2018 that TradeSanta made its debut and gained significant traction in the cryptocurrency community.

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Trade Santa automates crypto trading for its customers. TradeSanta automates the process of crypto trading for those who wish to trade day. They no longer have to monitor market trends and its bumps and dips.

The bot can then follow pre-set instructions to trade according to market trends. Users can be sure that they don’t miss out on market gains and they can focus on important life aspects or other business opportunities. They can also ensure that trades are being made through trusted platforms.

TradeSanta is completely online and uses the cloud for its interface. This feature saves users the hassle of installing an application which is quite different from most other solutions on the market.

TradeSanta Reputation

TradeSanta was not until recently that the cryptocurrency industry recognized its importance.

This is due to skilled traders who have successfully made the switch from traditional assets to digital currency markets. This means that cryptocurrency traders need to have access to more sophisticated trading tools.

TradeSanta reviews and information are not available from long-term users. The bot’s features are useful and interesting enough to be worth a try by those who have used it for review purposes.

TradeSanta’s advantage in this area is its well-designed and intuitive interface. TradeSanta’s trading tools enhance the already existing features of cryptocurrency exchanges. This is often a problem for experienced traders who need more options to facilitate their transactions.

TradeSanta Exchanges Supported

TradeSanta, despite being cloud-based, is built so that it can be used with many popular exchanges.

TradeSanta works with many of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitfinex and Bittrex at the time of writing. This allows users to have access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies via reliable exchanges.

The trading bot is currently adding exchanges to its list. It will add BitMEX and Huobi to its support exchanges list in the near future.

TradeSanta Pricing Plans

TradeSanta, like other trading bots in cryptocurrency, offers different pricing plans for its users.

There are a variety of plans available. The free plan includes a small amount of nearly every feature on the platform. It goes all the way up to a premium plan that includes enough juice to satisfy even the most demanding day trader.

Basic Plan

The basic plan offers 49 bots for $14 a month when paid annually. It includes unlimited pairs, all strategies and telegram notifications.

Advanced Plan

This package is $20 a month when charged annually. It offers 99 bots, unlimited pairs, all strategies, telegram notifications, trail take profit, and tradingview signals for supported exchanges.

Maximum Plan

This package is the most expensive and costs $30 per month when charged annually. It offers unlimited bots, dedicated support and TradingView signals for major supported exchanges. This is ideal for day traders who need to change their plans quickly or trade in large numbers of digital assets regularly.

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TradeSanta offers a 3-day trial period for new users. You can sign up for any of the three plans using the 3 day trial.

TradeSanta’s pricing structure is very competitive compared to other services. However, casual day traders might be discouraged from signing up for higher-priced plans due to the fact that bots are the only thing that distinguish these plans.

TradeSanta doesn’t see this as a problem for the moment, since it is a new service and needs every signup it can get. Keep in mind that offering low-priced services during this phase is one of its most effective marketing strategies.

TradeSanta is easy to use

TradeSanta may be known for its ability to channel the traditional day trading interfaces.

The interface of the cloud service is very similar to traditional downloadable tools. This is great news for day traders who want to venture into cryptocurrency.

Its design and UI are well-suited to covering the many settings and strategies TradeSanta offers its customers.

TradeSanta’s interface can be easily mastered by those who have used other computer programs in the past.

TradeSanta Settings

TradeSanta offers several strategies and settings, as mentioned previously. People who are familiarized with the terminology and mechanisms will feel right at home. A tutorial may be necessary for those who are new to using a cryptocurrency trade bot.

TradeSanta is able to provide a tutorial section for each user segment on its website. TradeSanta’s professional-grade software is easy to use for those who find it overwhelming.

TradeSanta has some of the most sought-after strategies, including but not limited to:

  • Technical indicators, such as the Trade filter, Volume filter and Bollinger signal.
  • Both Long and Short Orders follow market trends and execute transactions in accordance with predetermined strategies.
  • Additional Orders allow you to purchase or sell cryptocurrency if market trends do not match your projections.
  • Preset templates allow you to choose from many strategy options that you can tweak to your liking.

These features make TradeSanta easy to use for both beginners and experts. Users can easily set up signals, indicators, and the resulting actions according to their preferences using preset templates.

TradeSanta Security

Trade Santa, in keeping with other popular trading bots connects to cryptocurrency exchanges via APIs. It doesn’t have access to your funds and can’t control them until you give it permission. It recommends that you restrict access to its APIs so that your account is not subject to withdrawals.

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TradeSanta’s API cannot make any withdrawals of your funds. This makes it a safer option that you can use without worrying about your funds being transferred without your consent.

TradeSanta offers two-factor authentication (2FA), which helps to protect your account. Before you can log in to your account using your password, 2FA requires you to verify your identity through multiple devices.

TradeSanta Customer Support

TradeSanta’s customer service is available online only. It isn’t any different to other service providers within its market vertical. It can be frustrating for users.

The official website has a live chat feature, however it is slow to respond. The FAQ page leaves much to be desired.

The FAQ page does not contain information about the security features of the tool. However, it is separatey published in a blog article. This makes it hard to find information that is already available and could confuse new users about the actual service.

These minor issues may require you to seek out an expert if you’re new to trading bots. This is something you might want to remember as you use the tool.

TradeSanta Alternatives

If Tradesanta is not your choice, there are many other trading bot services you can look at:

Each service has its own pricing structure and features. Before you start your first bot, it’s worth reading the reviews.

TradeSanta’s Profitability

TradeSanta adheres to industry standards and doesn’t promise how profitable its operations will be for its users. It simply describes how TradeSanta’s features can make day traders’ day-to-day activities easier.

TradeSanta’s mission of serving people doesn’t change. Transparency makes TradeSanta a credible entity. This is because it is familiar with the unpredictable nature of day trading and the potential profits and losses it brings.

TradeSanta is a good choice if you’re a day trader novice or expert.

You should be focusing on the features, ease-of-use and results. These are the factors that will determine if you should keep it as your main trading tool.

TradeSanta Review: Conclusion – It’s Legit


Tradesanta is a legitimate and transparent company. We have not seen any evidence of fraud against them.

These bots sound fantastic, but it is important to be cautious. Before you dive into automated trading, make sure that you understand all aspects of trading. TradeSanta will allow you to fully utilize its potential, giving you the opportunity to enjoy some screen time and still gaining the trading benefits.

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