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Nebeus Review: Good for crypto loans?

Nebeus was established in 2014 by Sergey Romansovskiy. It is one the few crypto exchanges that lets you store your fiat and crypto currencies in one place. The platform combines convenience and security with a wallet that looks like one’s real wallet. This wallet often includes fiat cash, credit cards and debit cards from multiple financial institutions.

Nebeus keeps 98% of its client coins in secure, offline cold vaults. They also support the conversion of fiat into crypto and one cryptocurrency to another. It is a great option if you want an all-in-one solution.

What has Nebeus to offer?

Nebeus is a cryptocurrency wallet which allows you to store Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as Nebeus Tokens. You can also trade and buy cryptocurrency immediately through the integrated exchange.

It also offers Cryptocurrency Debit Cards, allowing you to turn your cryptocurrency into cash at any USD/Euro ATM around the globe.

Additionally, you can make money by simply having coins in your Nebeus account. With a Nebeus high return crypto savings account, users can earn interest on their crypto coin investments. This account offers yields of up to 8.25% depending on how long it takes and how much money you deposit.

Nebeus Features

Crypto Loans

Your Bitcoin or ETH can be used as collateral to borrow money. Nebeus currently allows you to borrow between 72% to 80 percent of your collateral due to the frequent and rapid price fluctuations of cryptocurrency. Nebeus loans have an interest rate of 10.55%. Flexible loan funds are available in US dollars or British pounds.

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There are two types of possible loans: quick and flexible.

These rates are very competitive, and they can proudly stand next to the crypto lending platforms like BlockFi and YouHodler, CoinLoan and Celsius.

Nebeus Savings Bank Account

Nebeus’s savings account allows you to earn interest from your cryptocurrency assets. Nebeus’ high-yield savings accounts pay 8.25% interest. Interest earnings are paid in fiat.

This is almost the same as Binance Savings. They are the industry leaders.

Two-factor Transaction Confirmations

All transactions must be validated with a unique PIN to ensure that they are both easy-to-use and secure.

A single-use pin will be generated by your smartphone when you make any transaction. This will ensure that no one but you can take coins out of your wallet. It also helps to protect your account.

Free User Transactions 

Free person-to-person transfers are not common for exchanges. Nebeus Quickpay provides this service for free.

What type of platform is Nebeus?

Nebeus, a crypto exchange, has 98% of its client coins kept in cold storage. Other than hardware wallets, which are the most secure and expensive. This offline wallet is the most secure and comes at a fraction or no cost.

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Crypto-backed Loans

Nebeus instant crypto-backed loans are simple to use. Users can transfer fiat in minutes to their cards in over 100 countries.

The process is quite simple.

First, users must open a Nebeus profile. The entire process is free and takes just a few minutes. The application process is easy and requires very little paperwork, which is a big difference to traditional loans applications.

Second, applicants will be required to deposit collateral. The following cryptocurrencies are accepted by the platform as collateral for loans at the time of writing:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Nebeus Token

Nebeus offers a significant Loan-To Value (LTV) ratio. Their lowest LTV is 72%. However, it can rise to 80%, which makes them one of the most competitive lenders.

The loan term can be extended to allow users to choose different terms. This allows customers to select longer terms for long term loans while still being able to pay the full amount at any time without penalty.

A Loan Health Monitor is also available on the platform. Every user has full access to it. It allows users to see the current status of their loans relative to collateral they have uploaded. If the price of the collateral cryptocurrency begins to fall, users can instantly react by adding collateral or making a payment in order to reduce the risk.

Last, but not least: users can instantly withdraw their loans to a card. Nebeus’ crypto-backed loans are usually issued in Euros. The loan can be credited to the wallet in Pounds, or Dollars, and sent directly from the wallet to the credit card. There are more than 90 countries that are supported.

Selling or buying crypto

Nebeus allows users to sell and buy cryptocurrency using their accounts. At the moment, it supports Ethereum and Bitcoin.

It is easy to top up your accounts using a credit or debit card. The money will arrive within 5-10 minutes. Users can also top up their Nebeus accounts to top up their credit cards. This makes it very convenient and quick to transfer funds.

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Nebeus Costs

The wallet provides cold storage free of charge for cryptocurrencies. The wallet keeps coins safe, offline, and secure from any malicious software or apps. You don’t have to pay anything for the wallet that stores coins.

While depositing Bitcoin is free, there is a minimal withdrawal fee of 2.5% + 0.80 EUR (or 0.0005BTC) for withdrawals.

Transfers between users on the Nebeus Network are instant and free. All other transfers are processed within 24 hours. There may be delays in moving cryptocurrency around depending on how busy the blockchain is, which is outside of Nebeus’ control.


The Nebeus platform does a great job in protecting member funds and transactions. It protects wallets from hacking attacks by keeping 98% of its crypto assets in cold vaults. Transactions are quick and simple, and fees are much lower than most other exchanges. The only limitation of the support for two cryptocurrencies is that it restricts user options for trading in other currencies and tokens.


Is Nebeus secure?

Yes. Nebeus uses the best security practices, including password protection, 2-Factor authentication and PIN + 2Factor Authentication to withdraw funds. Also, it is unable to change your wallet address without PIN confirmation.

Do I need to verify Nebeus Wallet’s authenticity?

Yes. Verification can take up to 3 business days.

How does Nebeus make Money?

Nebeus’s revenue comes from three sources. By charging interest on crypto backed loans, charging crypto transaction fees, and by spreading the price of buy/sell cryptocurrency.

In how many countries is Nebeus currently available?

The platform claims verified users can send funds in excess of 100 countries to a debit/credit/debit card, including Australia, United States, UK and Germany.

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