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How to buy easyJet stock online: All you need to know

How to buy easyJet stock online

If you want to invest in easyJet, you must know that the firm is traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol EZJ. It has maintained its position as a blue-chip participant of the FTSE 100 since it was admitted to the index in 2013. The number of flights that easyJet has in the air at any given time plays a significant role in determining the price of the company’s shares. This is because a higher number of flights is directly correlated to a greater number of customers, and a greater number of consumers results in increased annual revenues.

An overview of easyJet

easyJet is a low-cost airline in the United Kingdom that offers domestic and international travel to more than 30 destinations worldwide. Its stock symbol is EZJ. After its establishment in 1995, easyJet has capitalised on the growing demand for inexpensive travel and has expanded fast to become the second-largest low-cost airline in Europe. easyJet was listed on the London Stock Exchange a few years after its establishment. Its founder, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, continues to be the company’s largest stakeholder. Since then, it has frequently grown by acquiring other airlines and setting up additional bases across Europe.

Additionally, it has increased the size of its fleet of planes to reflect this growth. However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing; Stelios has had several run-ins with easyJet’s board of directors over the past few years. Any potential investor needs to remember that he has, in the past, been responsible for forcing executives out of their positions and that the share price can and has been affected by his words.

See easyJet in the context of an investment plan

The success of easyJet is predicated on the company’s ability to operate with minimal overhead and maximise profit. Its goal is made possible by easyJet’s vast aircraft fleet, consisting of 318 planes across UK, European, and Swiss subsidiaries. The company fleet is the youngest in the world, with an average age of 6.8 years per plane.  It is also possible for the corporation to maximise the amount of time spent transporting consumers to their destinations due to the vast number of take-off and landing slots that it possesses at various airports in the United Kingdom and Europe.

As an illustration, when Thomas Cook filed for bankruptcy in 2019, easyJet acquired 12 summer slot pairs and eight winter slot pairs at Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom. Additionally, it secured one and six summer slot pairs at Bristol Airport in the United Kingdom. The easyJet brand is also a significant aspect of the corporation; it’s signature orange and white colour scheme is immediately recognisable in various airports around the United Kingdom and Europe.

How to buy Stocks and Shares in easyJet (EZJ)

You can directly purchase shares in easyJet by using a brokerage account or any of the numerous investment applications currently available to you. With the help of these methods, you’ll be able to purchase, sell, and maintain easyJet stocks without having to leave the convenience of your own house or smartphone. The key differences between the various easyJet stock trading brokers are most often seen in the fees charged and available tools. Trading with no commission is an option on several popular easyJet stock trading platforms. Make sure you only acquire easyJet stock from a stockbroker who is highly regulated financially before you invest in the company. It would help if you also spent some time undertaking quantitative research (such as analysing easyJet’s sales, net income, and earnings), in addition to completing qualitative and quantitative research (find out what easyJet management is like, the competition they face, and how they make money).







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Picking the Right Stock Broker for easyJet

When looking for a stock broker for easyJet, it is important to make sure that you take into consideration the commissions and fees that the broker charges for trading in easyJet, the variety of exchanges that the broker offers through which to buy and sell individual easyJet stocks and securities, and the margin rates that the broker offers. In addition, you will need to confirm that the broker will allow you to open a brokerage account. You will require the services of a broker who can unquestionably grant you access to the exchange above. In addition, you should consider the types of research, instructional materials, and account types that the online broker makes available to assist you in achieving your financial goals and include that information in your decision.

You can buy EZJ through a tax-advantaged account, such as an individual retirement account (IRA), or a 529, if you are hoping to invest in fulfilling long-term goals, such as paying for your child’s college education or your retirement. For example, if you are hoping to invest in paying for your child’s college education. On the other hand, if you need money for more important short-term goals, like purchasing a home or investment property, a taxable investment account might be a better option for you to go with. Also, it is important that you carefully consider the safety features and track record of the broker. Pick a broker who has a solid reputation in the market or one that is respected and supervised by a financial authority.

Full-Service easyJet Stock Broker

Full-service easyJet stock brokers tailor their suggestions to each customer and charge additional costs on top of commissions and service fees. Most investors are willing to shoulder these greater expenses to access the information and tools provided by these companies.

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The discount broker offered by easyJet

When working with a discount broker for easyJet shares, the investor is responsible for conducting most of their research on easyJet EZJ. Trading platforms and customer support are only available to customers when the broker needs them.

Step-by-Step Instructions

You have decided to buy stocks and shares of easyJet (EZJ). The process is the same for purchasing stock in any firm; however, we will use easyJet (EZJ) shares as an example for clarity.

Finding a regulated easyJet EZJ stock broker is the first step

One of the benefits of using an online broker is the access to many exchanges they provide. Only some brokers will let you acquire easyJet EZJ stock because those brokers do not have access to the London Stock Exchange (LSE). You will, of course, need the services of a broker to gain access to this exchange. When choosing a broker to trade easyJet, we consider several different factors, including the costs that the broker charges to trading easyJet stocks and shares, the trading platform, the available markets to trade in, and the ease with which an account can be opened. Because security is very important, you must ensure that your easyJet stock broker is properly regulated by a reputable financial authority, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. In the following list of easyJet stock brokers.

Create a stock trading account with

When you have located an online easyJet EZJ broker that satisfies your requirements, you will be required to create an account with that broker. This account operates in a manner comparable to that of a conventional bank account and is typically opened online. While others require a few days to do a KYC background check on you, some brokers make it as easy as setting up a new Gmail account to get started. Because you will have your easyJet EZJ shares held by your easyJet stock broker, you will unquestionably require a broker account to purchase and sell easyJet stock.

Know the amount of money you are willing to put into easyJet

There are several considerations before settling on the amount of money to put into easyJet. Find out how much you have left over each month after paying bills. What this means is that you’ll need to save and invest to achieve your investment goals. When trading easyJet stocks, you should avoid any money you cannot afford to lose. Some of this be put toward establishing a rainy-day reserve or savings for retirement. Then, given that the price of EZJ is always subject to change, you should check to see if you are up to date on it. The highest price a share of easyJet stock has been in the last 52 weeks is 921.89 GBP, while the lowest price a share has been in the last 52 weeks is 386.47 GBP.

If you are new to the world of investing, you probably need to figure out how many shares of easyJet to put your money into. You can buy a fractional or a whole share, depending on how much of that particular share you choose to acquire. Brokerages like eToro enable you to buy these kinds of classic share sections.

Determine an easyJet Investment Strategy

The next step is for you to choose an investing strategy for easyJet. You can invest a large sum of money all at once for a period of less than a year, or you may invest smaller sums of money gradually over a longer period of time with greater long-term objectives for your easyJet stocks and shares. The method known as dollar-cost averaging might be utilised to accomplish this goal. In this method, one purchases a predetermined dollar amount of a particular stock at predetermined periods (often monthly), irrespective of the asset’s price. By utilising this method, one can lower their risk exposure and, as a result, spend less per share on average throughout the investment period. Finally, it would help if you considered how easyJet EZJ could work within the context of the rest of your investment portfolio. Is there a possibility that EZJ could compete with other companies that you already hold that belong to the same industry sector?

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Funding your easyJet trading account

To purchase easyJet EZJ shares, you need to have a trading account. Your stock broker must first receive this money in a transaction known as “remittance or deposit.” This is a fairly easy and speedy process. The prices of easyJet bid and sell transactions are exchanged on modern stock trading platforms.

The most common ways to deposit funds are through wire transfers and credit or debit card transactions. If you have an investment account with some brokers, such as eToro, you can make deposits using a variety of electronic wallets, such as Paypal.

Invest in the easyJet EZJ share by purchasing, selling, or trading.

After logging into your online brokerage account, searching for easyJet EZJ stock, entering the number of shares you wish to purchase, and clicking “buy,” the transaction is considered complete (execute the easyJet buy order).

Make sure you check the price of easyJet EZJ regularly

After you have bought your easyJet EZJ shares, you are still going through with your investment. It is now essential that you monitor the price of your easyJet stock as well as the price of any other financial instruments that are held in your portfolio. Maintaining a consistent attitude to your finances is a vital part of this. Suppose you purchased easyJet EZJ stock to keep it for a significant time. In that case, you should go to the annual meeting and find out everything you can about the easyJet firm to make an informed investment decision.

How to buy easyJet shares on eToro

Create an account: Visit the eToro website to set up an account. The specific procedures that must be taken to accomplish this objective will vary from platform to platform; however, you can generally anticipate being requested to supply information such as your name, email address, phone number, and possibly a photo identity.

Deposit money: After logging into eToro, click the “deposit funds” option from the menu. You will have a range of payment alternatives accessible to you depending on the broker you choose. easyJet offers multiple payment options like bank transfers, debit cards, e-wallets: PayPal. Choose the mode of payment that works best for you, and then deposit the amount of money you want to invest in easyJet shares.

Make a purchase order for EZJ inventory: You may determine the current price at which easyJet’s stock is trading by conducting a search using the ticker symbol EZJ. If you are satisfied with the pricing, proceed to the next step of placing your purchase by entering the number of shares you want to own.

Execution: After you have submitted your order, eToro will begin the execution process on your behalf, and your easyJet shares will be added to the appropriate section of your account. You should be congratulated on your recent purchase of shares in easyJet.


When considering an investment in easyJet stocks or CFDs, customer service should be a major concern. When investing and working with brokers, customer support can refer to various customer services designed to assist consumers in using the brokers’ services most efficiently and profitably. It may involve support with the installation of a product or service, as well as training. Your easyJet broker should provide customer assistance, including phone answering services, customer service support via live chat, and customer service support via email.


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