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BitKeep Wallet Review: What Does This Wallet Offer?

BitKeep is a digital wallet which aims at solving these problems. It provides a decentralized multi-chain solution to store and use digital assets. BitKeep Wallet requires only a simple mnemonic phrase. You can access more that 220,000 crypto tokens across 70+ blockchains. As digital assets evolve, crypto users are constantly looking for better ways of buying, selling, and storing their coins.

The inconvenience of multiple wallets to store the increasing number of tokens in DeFi is not something that crypto users are happy with.

Centralization is another problem. One company managing multiple digital assets can leave many security loopholes. Simply stated, a central digital wallet can be controlled and lead to loss of funds.

The wallet offers more than just the best dApp store. It also has an NFT marketplace and a complete DEX (decentralized Exchange) capable of offering the most powerful Swap features.

What is BitKeep?

BitKeep, Asia’s most trusted multi-chain digital wallet, integrates Wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp, Discover and more in a single location. Nearly five million users are spread across 168 countries. It is now an authorized wallet of several top 30 mainnets. The wallet is dedicated to making the Web3.0 gateway the best in the world.

BitKeep partners closely with major mainnets in order to offer a complete range of services including mainnet launch and DEX and DApp support. NFT management. All-platform traffic support. Large-scale campaigns.

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BitKeep NFT Market, an aggregated NFT marketplace, supports listing third party pending orders without locking down the NFT. Currently, NFTs for ETH, BSC and HECO are all supported. BitKeep NFT Market has all the necessary plug-ins.

BitKeep Wallet Features

Digital Wallet

BitKeep’s most loved feature is the digital wallet. It is currently used by nearly 6,000,000 users in 168 different countries. The wallet is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and supports more than 200 000 assets. BitKeep is an easy-to-use DeFi wallet for both novice and advanced users.

BitKeep Wallet NFT Marketplace

BitKeep’s NFT marketplace makes it easy to trade, buy, and sell digital assets. The marketplace offers a unique search function that aggregates NFTs from multiple DeFi sectors and across multiple chains. This makes it easy for you to find the NFTs you need. You can also trade NFTs and purchase tokens using the wallet, which supports many coins.

BitKeep DEX

BitKeep is a DEX that supports multiple tokens if you are a DeFi trader. BitKeep may not be as popular as Uniswap, however, BitKeep allows you to swap tokens with InstantGas. You can also swap tokens for free. You should remember the 2% spread. The BitKeep DEX’s swap function makes trading DeFi tokens easy, quick, and affordable.

Benefits of BitKeep Wallet

Two-Factor Authentication

You’ll be able to see the 2FA or two-factor authentication feature of BitKeep wallets when you read user BitKeep reviews. While this is an industry standard, it is also very effective in protecting your data.

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2FA provides you with the security of knowing that even if someone attempts to steal your wallet, there will always be an additional layer of protection that they would need to bypass. This protection can be provided by an email, SMS, and Google Authenticator confirmation.

2FA has become a common practice in the industry. This is especially true for hot wallets. These wallets are software-based and have a constant internet connection.

Open-Source Codes

This is the most powerful argument you will see if you read BitKeep Wallet reviews.

The code used in the cryptocurrency wallet is open-source. The open-source code means anyone can come in and inspect the source code. A third-party developer who is skilled in crypto-related coding may also be able to contribute to the development of the wallet by making their own improvements and proposals.

Although it’s often forgotten in reviews, open-source code is an important factor to consider when selecting the best cryptocurrency wallet.

Multi-platform availability

You might have read this review up to now and thought you loved the wallet. But, when you go to test it out on your preferred device and findo out you actually don’t like it all that much, it would be a huge disappointment.

BitKeep token wallet supports most major platforms. The wallet will be available on iOS and Android devices as well as an extension for Google Chrome.

BitKeep isn’t a dedicated wallet that relies on a smartphone or tablet. The Chrome version will work best for you if you prefer to do all your crypto work from your computer. A mobile version will work just fine if you want to keep track of your assets while on the move.

BitKeep Wallet also uses what is called a “mnemonic Passphrase”. This special security feature allows you to manage multiple wallets on one account. Only one condition: all wallets must have the same private keys.

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BitKeep is safe because it is a non custodial digital wallet. Only you can access your private key. To protect digital assets, BitKeep uses 2FA and a unique DESM algorithm.

A recovery phrase can be used to ensure that your BitKeep wallet remains safe in the event of loss or compromise.

BitKeep Wallet is open-source, so anyone can review the code and verify that everything is correct. It has proven to be a great wallet for security.

BitKeep is a hot wallet. You need to make sure that it is installed only on trusted devices.

Potential Drawbacks

We have covered every feature of the wallet mentioned throughout the review. There are many of them.

This is in essence a wonderful thing. It doesn’t matter what area of the cryptoworld you may be interested in, it should be possible to access it at least partially from the BitKeep app.

This wallet does have its limitations, though. It might not be very easy to use and access if it’s your first time using cryptocurrency wallets.

BitKeep Wallet Supported Chains and Cryptocurrencies

BitKeep supports thousands of assets on more than 70 chains including the 30 most popular. BitKeep is the industry leader in this area with very few rivals when it comes to the number of supported chains. The app supports over 10,000 DApps.

BitKeep, which supports multiple digital assets and chains worldwide, has attracted almost 6 million users. It is constantly improving its features and functionality to keep up with its ever-growing user base.

Here’s a brief overview of just a handful of blockchains that BitKeep supports:

BitKeep doesn’t currently support Cardano, which is surprising considering the large number of supported currencies. Bitcoin functionality is limited. There are no swaps and no built-in buy/sell functions.

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