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Battle Infinity Review 2022

Battle Infinity is a gaming platform that hosts several P2E battle games integrated with the Metaverse called “The Battle Arena”. Battle Infinity allows gamers to not only play and fight, but also experience the immersive Metaverse world. The Battle Arena allows you to interact, watch, explore and perform in a virtual world.

Its mission is to transform the gaming industry. Battle Infinity combines gaming with blockchain and the metaverse, creating a fully decentralized experience that allows creators and users to have direct ownership of in-game items. It is transparent and tamperproof. Battle Infinity offers its users a secure, limitless and immersive experience.

Battle Infinity Background

Simply put, Battle Infinity offers players a 3D virtual world to explore. Battle Infinity allows players to interact with other players and receive rewards for their skilled gameplay.

These rewards can be earned in the same manner as best play-to earn games in that they are distributed using the native token of the platform. This token, in Battle Infinity’s instance, is IBAT. It is a BEP-20 token that sits at the core of the ecosystem.

Users can only earn rewards through the IBAT Premier League. This fantasy league is Battle Infinity’s fantasy sport league. Users can create teams and earn points based upon their real-world performance. The leaderboard will be populated by users who have the most points. They can also earn IBAT rewards.

Users can also trade the IBAT Premier League players on the market because they are all NFTs. Users can earn more IBAT by trading their players on the marketplace. This is because supply and demand dictate player values. If a player performs exceptionally well, their value is likely to rise.

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In this IBAT price prediction article, we’ll explore Battle Infinity’s other features. For now, we can say that Battle Infinity is poised to be one of the most popular crypto winter tokens. This is because early investors were able purchase IBAT at a discounted price through the presale. The presale sold out quickly due to unprecedented demand.

Tokens were only $0.0015 with a minimum investment requirement of 0.1 BNB. This deal attracted huge investor demand which led to the presale allocation being sold out 66 days sooner than expected. Battle Infinity raised more than $5 million to fund the project.

Prospective investors who want to learn more about Battle Infinity may do so via the Telegram group.

Battle Infinity Features

AUTO STATING: You can lock and keep Tokens for a specified time period. We will announce this. The tokens that are locked provide an interest return.

AUTO LIQUIDITY: This feature will allow our token price stability by automatically adding liquidity to the liquidity pool.

AUTO TAX: A small tax will be imposed on all transactions that are used in Auto Staking and Auto Liquidity, foundation, or future Ecosystem Development.

ANTIBOT: This feature stops bots disrupting our tokens’ price action.

ANTIDUMP: The Anti Dump feature will reduce the sell pressure in order to keep the price floor. This is a measure taken to protect all capital.

What purpose does Battle Infinity serve?

Buying NFTs

You can also use IBAT to purchase NFTs. Battle Infinity’s ingame items are most often NFT-formatted, so users can trade them freely on the NFT marketplace.

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IBAT, the transactional currency on the marketplace is what Battle Infinity’s players will use to make purchases. Players selling NFTs can also generate IBAT profits that can be reinvested.

Pay-To-Earn Rewards

The most attractive aspect of Battle Infinity is its play-to-earn mechanics. These mechanics allow users the opportunity to earn tokenized rewards by playing skillfully, primarily through Battle Infinity’s fantasy sport feature, IBAT Premier League.

Battle Infinity will have a P2E gaming shop, where users can play different games and earn rewards. These tokens can be used to swap for other tokens through Battle Infinity’s token exchange service. This can allow them to act as an additional source of income.


IBAT can be used to participate in Battle Infinity’s crypto-staking feature called “Battle Stake”. It is one of the most popular staking coins, since Battle Infinity offers both single and double staking. The Battle Stake feature allows users to purchase loot boxes that contain random prizes.


Pre-sales of crypto tokens are a great opportunity for high-risk investors who can afford to take a higher risk. While many pre-sales fail, some achieve amazing feats.

Lucky Block’s presale is a great example.
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Lucky Block tokens were available for purchase at a very low price. This provided quadruple-digit returns once the coin was listed on PancakeSwap. See the price chart below. Investors in Battle Infinity are likely to desire similar results.

Additionally, Battle Infinity has PancakeSwap listings and LBank listings in place for the coming weeks, so it is likely that tokens will be available to a new group of investors. This will ultimately increase liquidity and cause price momentum.

What makes Battle Infinity so special?

People are attracted to cryptocurrency’s link to the metaverse and their excitement. However, people realized that crypto assets can’t be relied on just because they are trendy and don’t have any substance. They need a cryptocurrency that has a bright future. The future of a token is determined by what? Services.

Price Prediction

What is the Battle Infinity IBAT market price in the coming months? Given that the token is not yet listed on the top DeFi exchanges, it’s hard to make accurate assumptions. The development team has set their sights on listing the token on PancakeSwap or LBank in the near future. This would greatly increase its accessibility.

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The Battle Infinity stock price will likely be driven by strong community engagement. Already, Battle Infinity’s Telegram group has gathered over 17,000 members in just a few weeks. The project’s official Twitter account has 25,000 followers.

People who have purchased Shiba Inu or Dogecoin will know the importance of strong community backing. Retail traders are often the foundation for long term growth. Battle Infinity has all of this and is mentioned on many mainstream media outlets. The project is in an unbeatable position.

Our Battle Infinity price prediction for 2022 predicts that the coin will reach $0.0050 at the end of the year, a 233% increase over the presale price.

Why is Battle Infinity progressing so fast?

Battle Infinity was able to profit from the mistakes made by some top NFT games by offering players staking, multiple games and a marketplace for NFT trading and buying.

Battle Infinity offers players access to six entertainment platforms. However, its play-to earn model is the heart of its ecosystem. Users can compete with other players and win rewards by placing solo, duet or crates.

Battle Infinity pays highly active traders through the global staking pool. However, the highest-paid players get the biggest payouts. The IBAT token can be used by players to create clubs, monetise lands, purchase virtual billboard advertising, as well as other functions on the IBAT Premier League platform.

Battle Infinity was created by developers who wanted to make a unique game for the blockchain community.


The Battle Infinity coin can be used for many purposes within the project’s ecosystem. These include rewards distribution and in world purchases. Investors can also use IBAT to speculate on the project’s growth.

Each investor’s risk tolerance and goals will determine whether a project is worth investing in. Battle Infinity is a strong foundation for growth, and has attracted the attention of mainstream media outlets as well as social media.

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